Install ESET on a College Mac Computer


How to install ESET antivirus software on a college-owned Mac computer to ensure protection from viruses and malware.



Before you install ESET, if you have any other antivirus software installed you must remove it. It is very important that you do not try to run two different types of antivirus software at once. This will cause significant problems in your computer's operations.

  1. To remove McAfee antivirus software, use this uninstaller for Macintosh from the Softonic website.
  2. To remove other any antivirus software, open the software and use the Help feature to search for how to uninstall. 
  3. Whether prompted or not, restart your computer after uninstalling the software to make sure the change takes effect.
If you have no antivirus software installed, or once you have removed it, you can install ESET. Our ESET Antivirus for Mac program is installed via our Casper Self Service software distribution program. 
To use Casper Self Service, first connect to the Macsoft software share drive.
  1. You must be on-campus to perform this installation.
  2. To connect to the software drive, open Finder
  3. Under the Go menu, choose Connect to Server.
  4. For the server address, type “software” and click Connect. Log in with your Amherst user name and password.
  5. Select the Macsoft option to mount the Macsoft software share drive.

Second, install our Casper software distribution tool, if you have not already done so. If you are absolutely sure you already have the tool, skip this step and go to “After Casper is installed” below.

  1. In the Macsoft software drive, open the Faculty-Staff directory, and double click on Casper Add.
  2. When the CasperAdd window opens, double click on CasperAdd.pkg to open the CasperAdd Installer and install Casper. It should take around 5 minutes.
  3. If however, you get an error, continue to follow the steps below. The Casper tool may already be on your computer.

After Casper is installed:

  1. You must be on-campus to perform this installation. 
  2. Connect to the software drive as described above.
  3. In the Macsoft software drive, open the Faculty-Staff directory. Double click on Casper Software to open it.
  4. Login with your Amherst username and password if needed.
  5. Under Categories on the left-side, click Utility.
  6. Click on Install ESET.
  7. You will see an “In Progress” task on the left, click on it to see the installation progress. When that task no longer appears, close the Casper Software application.
  8. Restart your computer. You must restart to complete the installation.
  9. Once you restart the computer, you should see the ESET eye icon in the System Tray on your desktop (the area in the top right corner of the screen that also has the time and day).

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