Uninstall Antivirus Software from Windows Computer

How to safely and effectively uninstall unwanted antivirus software from a Windows computer.


Before you install new antivirus software, you MUST uninstall any other antivirus software you have, particularly if you have McAfee or Norton AntiVirus installed. Do not try to run two different types of antivirus software at once. This will cause significant problems in your computer's operations and/or stop your computer from working.

  1. From the Start menu, select Control Panel then either Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs, depending on your version of Windows.
  2. If you have McAfee antivirus software and both the Enterprise and Agent are listed, first remove McAfee Antivirus Enterprise and then remove McAfee Agent. The order is important for complete removal of the software, so make sure to remove first Enterprise then second Agent. If you have only one instance of McAfee, then you can simply remove that. To do the removal, click Uninstall or Remove, as applicable to your version of Windows. 
  3. If you have some antivirus software other than McAfee or other McAfee software, select that software as applicable and uninstall/remove it.
  4. If you have trouble removing the software, the ESET support website has common uninstaller links here:
    ESET Support - Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software.
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