Resolve Adobe Acrobat Pro Error Messages


There are a few common issues of Adobe Acrobat Pro error messages you may encounter when trying to use the software with College-owned computers. See our instructions on how to resolve these error messages.



Problem: Acrobat DC Prompting For Serial Number

  1. Confirm with AskIT that you have been assigned an Adobe Creative Cloud license.
  2. Uninstall the current version of Adobe Acrobat DC ( )

  3. Download and install the Creative Cloud Desktop application ( If already installed, launch the application.

  4. Log into the Creative Cloud Desktop application using your Amherst College email address. If prompted, be sure to select the Company or School Account option, NOT Personal Account

  5. Once the application authenticates, click Apps from the navigation menu, locate Acrobat DC and click the Install button.

  6. Once installed, launch the application to confirm functionality


Problem: For Windows computers, Adobe Acrobat Pro won't open or when trying to view a PDF from a website, the PDF won't open and Adobe Acrobat Pro displays an error message.

Error Message: References the number 213 or 21319

  1. Navigate to the Software network share. The path is K: drive Winsoft > Faculty-Staff > Adobe Fix > Adobe 213.xx Licensing Fix Tool (the file folder not the Zip file) > LicFix_21319.
  2. Right click on the LicFix_21319 file and select Run as Administrator.
  3. A command window will very briefly open, run a script and close. The duration is less than a minute.
  4. To confirm the fix is done, open Acrobat Pro and make sure it works.
  5. Also, using any web browser, go to a web page and try to view any PDF document. If both work the fix is applied. If you still have issues contact the IT Help Desk.

Problem: For any computers, Adobe Acrobat Pro won't open.

Error Message: Says that your "trial period" for Adobe Acrobat Pro is over or references you were using a "trial version".

  1. Make sure Adobe Acrobat Pro is closed.
  2. Open an application from the Adobe Creative Suite, which may be labled as Adobe CS3, CS4, CS5 or Adobe Design and Web Premium CS6 (or other number) or some variation on that labeling. For example open the application Photoshop. If you have the option of Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit) open that.
  3. The KeyAccess notice window stating "There are limited licenses for this application. Please close when not in use" appears. Click OK.
  4. Once Photoshop has opened, close it.
  5. Then open Adobe Acrobat Pro. The KeyAccess notice window should appear, click OK. Adobe Acrobat Pro should now open and work correctly.


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