1. Open an article to which you wish to attach an image, video or audio file, PDF file, Word file or Excel file.
  2. Scroll down past the Body editing area to the File Attachments section. Click Browse and browse to file location on your computer. The File Attachments section lists the maximum file size allowed and the type of file attachments allowed by file extensions (e.g., .doc, .jpg, etc.). 
  3. Select the file to attach and click Open.
  4. Back in the File Attachments section click Upload. See picture below for where to find the File Attachments section and the Browse and Upload buttons.
    find File Attachments section of Article Edit Window
  5. Now the file information displays under the heading File information.
  6. Uncheck the Display box if you do not want the file name information to appear at the bottom of your article. This will not affect placing the file in your article, it is just about displaying the file name information at the bottom of the article.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the editing window and click Save. You must click Save in order to finish attaching the file.