Computing Device Return Policy


This policy describes the type of computing devices owned by the College and the terms in which computing devices must return to the College.

Contact Information

For any questions about this policy, please contact:

  • Chief Information Officer: extension 2180
  • Dean of the Faculty: extension 2334


This policy applies to all Amherst College employees.


A computing device includes any asset that contains a processing chip or is used as an accessory with a device that contains a processing chip. Examples include traditional computing devices such as desktops, workstations, and laptops; it includes mobile computing devices such as iPads and iPhones; custom computing devices such as supercomputers, servers, and computing clusters; and accessories such as keyboards, mice, displays, printers, and interface devices such as pens and joysticks. Given the speed at which new computing devices come to market, the definition will be updated yearly.

Policy Details

Upon separation from the College, all employees are expected to return any computing devices purchased with College funds, which includes departmental, startup, and research funds. A departing employee should contact the Office of the CIO at extension 2180 to arrange for the return of any College-owned computing device and for assistance with the migration of any digital assets from the College-owned computing device to a personally-owned computing device. Staff members should seek approval from their supervisor before requesting such service as some digital assets cannot be transferred without prior authorization from the division's Chief Administrator.

Retiring faculty who wish to retain an existing computing device after retirement should place a request with the Dean of the Faculty. In order to officially transfer ownership of the computing device, the fair market value of the computing device is considered taxable income. If the Dean of the Faculty approves the request, the Dean of the Faculty will inform the necessary parties within the College, which includes the Office of the CIO and the Office of the Controller. The College will report the fair market value of the computing device(s) as taxable income to the appropriate tax authorities. College-owned software licenses are not transferable and must be removed from transferred computing devices. The retiring faculty should contact the Office of the CIO at extension 2180 to seek technology transition support in preparation for retirement, which includes: an assessment of the existing computing device(s), assistance with the removal of any College-owned software licenses, the acquisition of personally-owned software licenses with personal funds, the installation of personally-owned software on the transferred computing device, and the transfer of digital assets across computing devices.

Staff members who continue to contribute to the College after separation from the College may request continued use of College-owned computing devices from the immediate supervisor. The supervisor will need to request an accommodation from the Office of the CIO, extension 2180, by stating a business need and the duration of the need. Once the accommodation is granted, the supervisor is expected to return all computing devices from the departed employee to Information Technology on the agreed date.

Policy Revision History
November 14, 2016: initial draft
December 19, 2016: approved for general release