This policy applies to accounts for email, web page space, shared file server space, and other general facilities commonly given to members of the Amherst College community. It does not apply to the administrative information system, nor to the course management system.

These accounts are extended with the assumption that use of them will be consistent with, and will not interfere with, the main purposes of the College - the academic work of the faculty and students, and the smooth support of the academic mission by staff and administration. Use of an account in ways that are not consistent with the main purposes of the College, or that interfere with the work of other members of the College community, may be revoked, following the usual disciplinary processes of the College for students, faculty, and staff. For all others, the Chief Information Officer, in consultation with the Dean of the Faculty, may revoke accounts for those who are neither employed nor enrolled in the College. Within these limits, accounts will generally be extended according to the following guidelines:

  • Amherst Students: All Amherst students will receive an account on matriculation. Students studying abroad will continue to have active accounts. Students who withdraw permanently from the College will have their account deleted at the end of their last semester. Accounts of graduating students will remain in place through October of the year of their graduation.
  • Family and Friends: Individuals (usually parents) identified by individual students as being responsible for that student's fee will be given accounts that give then access only to student accounts information.
  • Five College Students: Five College students enrolled in an Amherst course will be given an Amherst account. The account will only be valid for the semester in which they are enrolled and may then be disabled until they again enroll in an Amherst course.
  • Faculty: All faculty, including emeritus faculty, are given accounts. Faculty who leave the College will keep their accounts for six months after they leave unless other arrangements are made in advance to allow them to transfer files to accounts at a new institution. Thus, faculty terminating in June have accounts through December; those leaving in December have accounts through the following June.
  • Staff: All regular staff (full-time or part-time) are given accounts. Casual employees will be given accounts on the request of their supervisor. Accounts of staff who leave the employment of the College are deleted after consultation with their supervisor.
  • Teaching Assistants: TAs are treated like Staff for most account purposes. However, TAs who so request it will be granted an account extension through the end of the December following their departure from the College. This request should be made to the Help Desk (x2526) before the TA leaves the College.
  • Five Colleges, Inc.: Amherst College supplies accounts for employees of Five Colleges, Inc. For purposes of this policy, Five College employees are treated the same as employees of Amherst College.
  • Children of faculty and staff: Children of faculty and staff will not be given accounts. Because we value freedom of speech as part of the academic process, we do not wish to expose the College to possible legal concerns raised by providing accounts to minors.
  • Exceptions: There may be situations not covered here in which someone has a legitimate need for an account at Amherst. The Chief Information Officer may approve special requests, based on the benefit to the College of providing an account.