Use of Public IT Facilities

Use of the public computing facilities at Amherst College is subject to the following regulations.

  • Common courtesy should be shown to other users, work areas should be kept clean and uncluttered, and off-duty student supervisors should not be bothered with questions. Use headphones to listen to music played from a computer.
  • Computers are primarily intended for academic use. Computer games are not permitted.
  • Computers in the public facilities are for use by the Amherst College community only. Five-College students may use them for computation, statistical or graphics work required by an Amherst College course in which they are enrolled.
  • Software maintained on public personal computers may not be modified, deleted, moved or copied. Default settings should not be changed.
  • User supplied data files should not be stored on the hard drives. You must use your own network drive space, USB flashdrive, or CDs for storage of any files you create.
  • Making copies of software in violation of U.S. copyright law is forbidden. Making copies of copyrighted software and/or music CDs is not allowed.
  • Use of computers is on a first come/first served basis.
  • If no computer is available, you should give your name and computer preference (Windows or Mac) to the Supervisor on duty. You must be present when your turn comes or you will lose it.
  • Computers left unattended for more than twenty minutes are considered available for use, even if someone has left work in progress. However, you should contact the student supervisor on duty before taking an unattended machine that appears to be in use so that applications can be shut down and data saved.
  • Food and alcoholic drinks are not permitted in the public facilities.
  • Smoking and use of tobacco products are not permitted.
  • Animals (except service dogs) are not allowed.
  • Users must pay for printing to public printers, at a rate of $.05 per page and up; current prices are posted in the Seeley Mudd Computer Center.