Supported Models:

  • The iPad is the officially supported tablet.  

 Purchasing and billing for College-owned devices:

  • Tablets to be purchased with department funds or Faculty Research Funds must be ordered through Information Technology.
  • Information Technology will charge tablet purchases back to the department or faculty member’s research account.
  • Information Technology will inventory all College owned tablets at the time of purchase.
  • Faculty members cannot use College funds to pay for data plans.
  • Information Technology will not budget nor will the College reimburse individuals for mobile device applications.  It is preferable for device users to retain control of all apps installed on their device. Typically, apps are free or carry an inconsequential cost.
  • To submit a request to purchase a new table, use the online form here


  • The following core services will be provided for both College-owned and personally purchased tablet devices that are officially supported.  Please note that when issues are related to networks and services beyond our control we cannot guarantee successful support. 

Support is available for the iPad:

  • Access to Amherst College email, contacts, and calendar
  • Use of the Amherst College wireless network
  • VPN to access secure Amherst network resources
  • Access to file servers (U: on FS005: and Storage) via WebDAV
  • Support for required or recommended apps (currently GoodReader)
  • Wireless projection for iPads using Apple TV where installed

Support available for other tablets:

  • Access to Amherst College email, contacts, and calendar
  • Use of the Amherst College wireless network


  • Device users are responsible for protecting College data accessed through their device, and ensuring that their device complies with relevant policies:
  • Users of College owned devices must report lost or stolen devices immediately to Campus Police.  College owned devices may have their contents remotely "wiped" when reported lost or stolen.
  • Passwords and other security measures are automatically enforced by a mobile device management system for College-owned devices.