Recent Updates to Acceptable Use Policy

The College has updated its Acceptable Use Policy. This policy applies to all persons who access, use, or maintain the College's electronic resources. Please familiarize yourself with the current policy. The recent updates include clarifications and changes necessary to keep pace with our community needs, specifically in the following areas: 

  • Email: Clarifies that faculty and staff should not forward the entirety of their email corpus to a personal or external email account. 
  • Accounts and Access Restrictions: Updates expectations for using Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)/DUO; maintaining devices that access college e-resources; and reporting potential compromises to sensitive data even when personal devices are lost or stolen. 
  • Copyright and other Intellectual Property: Clarifies that AI-generated content also must be given attribution in conformance with applicable legal and professional standards. 
  • Respect for Others: Clarifies that doxing is a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy and provides links to doxing resources. 
  • Users' Expectation of Privacy: Clarifies approval needed to access a user’s communications or other data associated with e-resources without the user’s permission for each data type or scenario and that such access is logged. 
  • Non-Compliance with this Policy: New section clarifies how violations of this policy will be handled. 
  • Related Information: New section provides links to other resources that are referenced in or will support understanding of the policy

A graphic showing a smartphone and a computer keyboard

Dealing with Doxing

Review our doxing resources—what it is, how to respond when it occurs, how to report doxing that occurs within the Amherst College community, and steps to take to minimize the chances of being doxed.

Mammoths on a laptop and phone with a wifi symbol and padlock

Protect the Herd from Cyber Attacks

We can protect ourselves — and each other — by following good cybersecurity practices.

Maria Varmazis

See Yourself in Cyber: A Conversation with Maria Varmazis

October 20, 2022: Hear a journalist’s view of cybersecurity—her career path, insights into the industry, and ways to get involved.