Each Moodle site comes pre-populated with links to display the print, electronic, and video reserves associated with your course. There are many other options for adding material to your site. Here's a look at a typical Moodle site:

course resources
  1. Print Reserves: Links to a list of physical items currently on reserve in the library
  2. E-Reserves: Links to a list of electronic readings and resources in the E-Reserves system
  3. Video Reserves: Links to a list of streaming videos in the Video Reserves system
  4. Uploaded file: Faculty can upload files, such as a syllabus directly to Moodle
  5. Topic/Section Name: Defaults to a weekly format, but can be changed (when editing is turned on, just click it & type)
  6. Topic/Section Summary: Add text, links, or media to each topic section. More about the Moodle text editor here.
  7. Image or Video: Add an image or a video to display on your site
  8. Folder: Contains multiple files
  9. Page: A sub-page of your site that can contain text, links and media

Click the Add an activity or resource menu in any section to access the activity chooser, and you will see all the types of activities and resources available in Moodle. Just click the little "i" under each one for more information.


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