Faculty at Amherst have a wealth of tools available to them for designing course assignments and assessments. This resource page outlines possible academic technology tools and methodologies, and includes info about Moodle Assignment, Quiz and Gradebook, as well as Gradescope, Google Forms and Assignments, Kaltura Media Assignment, and Kaltura Video Quiz. For assistance in choosing or implementing a tool, please email askIT@amherst.edu. 

Related Resources

Moodle Assignment
  • Allows students to submit work in a wide variety of formats (files, media, text, etc) for instructor feedback and/or grading.
  • Instructors can directly annotate or comment on student submissions, and can also download, grade, and return files to students en masse. 
Moodle Quiz
  • Supports a wide range of teaching goals, from low-stakes check-ins to exams.
  • Provides for automatic grading of questions.
  • Ability to set time limits (eg 90 minutes).
  • Can also accept file uploads and/or media recordings (with the "essay" question type).
Moodle Gradebook
  • Record and calculate student grades over the course of the semester.
  • Most of the activities on this page automatically feed grades to the Moodle Gradebook.
  • Requires some initial set-up to align with your grading strategy.
  • Useful for grading handwritten assignments or exams.
  • Allows students to submit scans of paper assignments.
  • Instructors can directly annotate or comment on submissions.
  • Many features for grading more quickly, such as comment bank and rubrics.
  • Integrated with Moodle.
google forms
Google Forms “Quiz”
  • Provides for automatic grading of questions.
  • Receive online text or files from students (with file upload question).
  • Very simple to set up.
  • Limited options in terms of timing, not integrated with Moodle.
google assignment
Google Assignment
  • Receive Google Docs from students.
  • Comment or annotate submissions using native Google Docs features. 
  • Grading features include comment bank and rubrics.
  • Integrated with Moodle.
kaltura assignment
Kaltura Media Assignment
  • Students record and/or submit audio and video clips as an assignment, through Moodle, using the Kaltura Video Platform.
kaltura assignment
Kaltura Video Quiz
  • Add quiz questions to a video (your video, or anything on YouTube).
  • Integrates with Moodle gradebook.
  • Options to prevent skipping ahead, etc.