Communication in Moodle

Moodle has several features to support instructor-to-student communication as well as student-to-student and student-to-instructor communication. 

Emailing the Class

Every Moodle site contains an announcements forum, which provides a one-way means of communication for the instructor to send out messages to the entire class. Anything posted to the announcements forum will be sent to the entire class as an email. Past messages can be viewed by clicking into the forum. More on emailing the class here.

announcements forum

Discussion Forums

Adding a forum to your Moodle site provides a means for students to share work and discuss information with each other, as well as post comments or questions for the instructor. Moodle has different forum formats that lend themselves to different kinds of activities. Forums have subscription options which allow users to decide if they want to receive emails of each forum post, or not.

Managing Email Notifications

The following pages offer tips on managing Moodle-generated emails with a goal of decreasing inbox clutter. 


NameCoach is a technology-enhanced learning tool that is designed to support inclusive teaching practices and campus communities. Faculty can add a NameCoach activity to Moodle to let students record the proper pronunciation of their name.