Access to Moodle sites is controlled by automatic feeds of information from our central registration system (Workday). Faculty cannot add students directly to a Moodle site. Thus, most Moodle access issues are addressed not within Moodle, but in coordination with the Registrar

Amherst Students

  • If an Amherst student is officially registered for a course, they will automatically be added to the Moodle site for that course.
  • If they drop the course, they will automatically be removed.
  • Students: note that you will not see your courses in Moodle until the week before classes begin. 
  • Amherst students may request temporary access to a Moodle site by adding a course to a Saved Schedule in Workday. This is a way to get access to a Moodle site as a "petitioner" while waiting for your official registration to be processed, or while deciding which classes to take.  This process has nothing to do with official course registration, and petitioner access will be removed after add/drop. More info on temporary Moodle access here (AC login required). 

Five College Students

Classroom Assistants and TA's


 High School Students

  • High school students who have successfully registered for a course will be issued an Amherst College account and addded to the Moodle site for the course.
  • They will need to email to receive their Amherst log-in information.

Guests and Outside Collaborators

  • Faculty may choose to enable guest access for their Moodle sites.
  • View a list of guest accessible Moodle sites.
  • Guest privileges within a course vary from course-to-course but usually exclude activites and some resources. 
  • Outside collaborators who need full access but do not have an Amherst account can sometimes be added with their Google account. Contact AskIT to request access for them.