What are Petitioners?

  • When a student adds a course to a saved schedule in Workday, they are added to the Moodle site with the role of Petitioner.
  • This provides temporary Moodle access to students who may add a course during add/drop.
  • Petitioners are removed from Moodle sites on the last day of add drop.
  • Students can remove themselves from the Moodle site by removing the course in Workday- here are instructions for them.

Should I Include Petitioners in Class Communications?

  • There are often lots of petitioners, but it's OK to include them in any course communications since they may eventually add the class. 
  • To send an email message to the class, the easiest way is to use the Announcements forum which will email both registered students and petitioners.
  • You can also include these instructions and suggest petitioners remove themselves if they don't intend to register for the course.
  • If you want to send a message to only registered students you can do that with the Quickmail block. Just be sure to include Student 5C and Student Other roles as well as Student AC. 

How Can I View a List of Only Registered Students?

  • Option 1) In the Participants list, add a filter for both Student AC and Student 5C. Occasionally a student will have the Student Other role as well (exchange students. etc).
  • Option 2) In the Roster Report screen, use the Role menu to view Student AC, Student 5C, or Student Other (unfortunately on this screen you can only see one role at a time). 
  • The Workday class roster will also only show registered students.