Manage Guest Access

Faculty can enable Guest Access to allow people not enrolled in their course to access their Moodle site.

  • By default, courses are built with guest access turned off.
  • If you set guest access to Yes you can then attach a password. Only guests with the password will be allowed access.
  • Note that guests will have access to resources, but not to activities, E-Reserves or Video Reserves. Guests cannot complete participatory activities like forums or quizzes.

Enable Guest Access

Go to your course's Moodle site and click the Participants link under the course title. 


Select "Enrollment Methods" from the drop-down menu.


Click the show/hide eyeball icon next to Guest Access, and/or click the settings (gear) icon to set a password if desired. 


Share the URL (and password, if needed) for your Moodle site with your guest. When they click the link, they will come to the Amherst login screen, and should click the "Log in as guest" button.