PuTTY is an open-source SSH client for Windows that lets you initiate interactive command-line sessions with Romulus and Remus, the twin Amherst Unix servers.

Note to Mac users: you have ssh already installed through the Terminal application in the Utilities folder.

How to Get PuTTY

PuTTY is free software.

If you are on the Amherst network you can copy it from Winsoft to your Windows computer. Note that PuTTY doesn't "install" as do most Windows applications. Rather, it is a self-contained executable named putty.exe. All you need to is copy it to your Windows desktop and double-click to run it.

You can also download PuTTY from the web. Simply save it to your desktop and double-click on putty.exe to run it. 

How to Use PuTTy to Connect to the Amherst Unix Servers

When you first run PuTTY it is already configured to work with Romulus and Remus. All you have to do is indicate in the Host Name area which server you wish to access. Use the full address of the server, either romulus.amherst.edu or remus.amherst.edu.  For most purposes, Romulus and Remus are mirror images of one another: Your account will work equally well on either.

Once you've entered the host name, simply click Open to begin a session.

The first time you log onto a specific server you'll receive a security alert message that the server's host key isn't yet cached. Click Yes to cache the key and continue the session.

You'll then be prompted with login as:. Enter your Amherst username and press Return. Then, enter your Amherst password. You'll now get the interactive prompt, which looks like this:

[your_amherst_username@romulus ~]$ 


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