Welcome to the digital accessibility website of Amherst College. “Digital accessibility” means that the technology we use and digital content we create is accessible and understandable by all, including those with disabilities. Making technology and digital content accessible strengthens Amherst College’s commitment to being a fully accessible community in which faculty, students, staff, alumni, and visitors are valued and empowered, regardless of their abilities. The college fulfills these responsibilities by continually improving the educational, working, physical, and social environment to meet the needs of persons with diverse abilities and by promoting accessible design that benefits all. Digital Accessibility is supported on campus by the interdepartmental Information Technology Digital Accessibility Task Force. Digital accessibility-related questions and requests can be entered into the AskIT ticketing system, selecting the category “Accessibility” or just by emailing askit@amherst.edu. The following resources will help faculty, students, and staff to create accessible digital content such as course content, videos, captions, and transcripts, among others.

Resources for Creating Accessible Digital Content