Your e-reader saves the password that is used to connect to your Amherst email. Because of this, when you change your Amherst password you must also update your password on your device. To do this:

  • On a Nook Tablet, press the upside down U button and go to settings > Email. Tap to select your Amherst Exchange email account and tap Account Info. Delete the old stored password and replace it with your new Amherst password.
  • On a Kindle Fire, if you use the Email app to access your Amherst email, go to Apps > Email. Tap the menu icon (rectangle with lines) found at the bottom of the screen. Tap Accounts then tap and hold your Amherst email account to access the context menu. Select the option to update your account password.
    If you use something other than the Email app, such as an Exchange Email Account app, go to Apps, select the email application you use, tap Settings and for your Amherst account update the password.

IMPORTANT: Check the After Changing Your Password page for other things you may have to do after you set a new password on your Amherst account.