Updating Your Mac Password

VPN Access

Since you've changed your Amherst network password, when you next connect to VPN your saved password will not work. To fix this:

  1. Connect to Amherst VPN.
  2. Use your new Amherst password, instead of your old password.

Address Book, Mac Mail, & iCal

If you use Mac Mail, Address Book, and/or iCal with your Amherst email/calendar, the first time you open any of those applications after changing your Amherst password, you may get an error message that you entered the wrong password. Enter your new password and it will update the logon information for those applications. 

Network Printing

To re-establish printing to a network printer after changing your password, you must first delete the entry in the Keychain.  To do this select Go>Applications>Utilities>Keychain Access.  Look for the entry for your network printer in the list. These entries will have a format such ps00X... Delete the entry by highlighting it and using the delete key.  You will be asked again if you want to delete the entry, select Yes.

Next open Word. Start a new blank document. From the menu select File then Print. An authentication window will appear (it may have your first and last name).  Please override it with your Amherst username, password, and check the box that says store this password in Keychain.

You do not have to reinstall the printer drivers.

IMPORTANT: Check the After Changing Your Password page for other things you may have to do after you set a new password on your Amherst account. Make sure to update your password if you use any mobile devices to check Amherst email/calendar.