Changing Your Password on your College-Supplied Windows Computer from Off-Campus

When you are using your College computer from off-campus you are not directly connected to the Amherst network. Consequently, you have to perform some extra steps to synchronize your new password on an Amherst computer located off-campus

  1. Once you've changed your password, establish a VPN connection using your new password.
  2. Once the VPN connection is working, press CTRL+ALT+DEL, and, on the subsequent screen, click "Lock Computer."
  3. Again press CTRL+ALT+DEL.
  4. Use your new password to unlock the computer. This should store your new password on your computer.

To test that you computer has stored the new password, restart the computer and try logging into the computer with your new password.

If you are forced to use your old password to log into the computer, retry the procedure above. If it doesn't work after repeated attempts, you'll have to continue to use your old password to log into the computer until you can bring your computer to campus and log in when connected directly to the Amherst network. Doing so will update your password on the computer.

IMPORTANT: Check the After Changing Your Password page for other things you may have to do after you set a new password on your Amherst account.