Family and Friends Account

An Amherst Account that lets family and friends (usually parents and/or guardians) view the student bills of an Amherst student.

Features and Benefits: 

The College makes student bills available online through the ACDATA service.


To receive a Friends and Family account and thus to have access to a student's bills, the student must log into ACDATA and use the Student Communications Preferences screen to indicate who should have access to their bills.

If a student wishes to add a person not listed on their Student Communications Preferences screen, they have to contact the Registrar's office to update their family information.

Getting Started: 

Within 48 hours of a student giving you access to his or her student bills, you will receive an email that contains your Amherst username and a link that lets you set your Amherst password. You can then logon to ACDATA to check the student's bills.