Employee Information

Employees can access their pay advices (pay stubs), Tax Information, leave balances, and update their personal and emergency contact information via the Employee menu in ACDATA.

To view statements online in PDF format, you will need Adobe Reader software 6.0 or higher.

 If you don’t have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can download Adobe Reader for free.

If the form is blank, then you must change your browser settings to view a PDF document.  Please review the options below.

 Mobile Users

Download the Adobe Reader apps at the App Store or Google Play.

 Windows or Mac OS X using Mozilla Firefox (desktop) 

1. From the Firefox browser, click on the Firefox three bar menu on the upper right corner of the window

2. Choose Options, Applications, and in the Content Type list

3. Go down to Portable Document Format (PDF), change the setting to "Use Adobe Acrobat"

If you are having trouble viewing or printing the PDF from our site, click the PDF link and select the download option. You should be able to open (and print) the PDF after saving it to your computer.

 iOS Devices

Apple displays the blank PDF document using iBook by default. 

To display your PDF using Adobe Reader do the following: 

1. Tap the PDF document to display another toolbar below the top toolbar

2. Tap "Open in..."

3. Tap the Acrobat icon in the upper corner and your completed form will display

In order to protect your personal information, please remember to close your browser once you are done and to protect your personal information when printing or saving a copy.



Getting Started: 

Click the Employee button on the right side of the page to access all your Amherst employment related information.

Student Information and Communications Preferences

Log into ACDATA at ACDATA lets students view the information the College has concerning home address, contact information, family members, etc. Also, students can use ACDATA to change their communications preferences--in particular, they can designate who can view their student bills.

Getting Started: 

The original information on student records comes both from their application and from the matriculation information they provide before arriving on campus. Once an admitted applicant moves to student status, the contents of their student record is the responsibility of the Registrar's Office. Students needing to change their student record--change of address, adding a step parent, etc.--must contact the Registrar's Office.

Student Bills

Log into ACDATA at Student billing information is available in ACDATA to all students and to the family and friends designated in the student's Communications Preferences.


Family and friends cannot view a student's bill until the student gives permission in the student's Communications Preferences.

Getting Started: 

In order to let family and friends view their bills, students must first log into ACDATA and, on the Students menu, click the Communications Preferences link. Students can then indicate which person or persons they wish to be able to view their student bills. Only persons in the student's record will appear on the Communications Preferences screen

Family and friends who have been so designated will, within 48 hours, receive an email from the College telling them about their account and containing a link that let's them set the password in their account.

Family and friends can then log into ACDATA and check the student's account. Family and friends are also able to change their own communications preferences--particularly the email address they would like the College to use to contact them.

The Comptroller's website has more information about accessing student bills.

Online Registration and Advising

Log into ACDATA at Students use ACDATA to shop for courses, request instructor permissions, and register for classes. Instructors and advisors use the system to grant course permissions and registration approvals.

Getting Started: 

Learn all about the course registration process in the Online Registration section of the Registrar's website.

Additional Information: 

You may get a "too many cookies" error and be unable to log in to AC Data if you use the browser back arrow and/or close the program abruptly. Clear your browser cookies to stop the "too many cookies" error message and be able to access AC Data.