Employee Information


Employees can access their pay advices (pay stubs), Tax Information, leave balances, and update their personal and emergency contact information via the Employee menu in ACDATA.

To view statements online in PDF format, you will need Adobe Reader software 6.0 or higher.

 If you don’t have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can download Adobe Reader for free.

If the form is blank, then you must change your browser settings to view a PDF document.  Please review the options below.

 Mobile Users

Download the Adobe Reader apps at the App Store or Google Play.

 Windows or Mac OS X using Mozilla Firefox (desktop) 

1. From the Firefox browser, click on the Firefox three bar menu on the upper right corner of the window

2. Choose Options, Applications, and in the Content Type list

3. Go down to Portable Document Format (PDF), change the setting to "Use Adobe Acrobat"

If you are having trouble viewing or printing the PDF from our site, click the PDF link and select the download option. You should be able to open (and print) the PDF after saving it to your computer.

 iOS Devices

Apple displays the blank PDF document using iBook by default. 

To display your PDF using Adobe Reader do the following: 

1. Tap the PDF document to display another toolbar below the top toolbar

2. Tap "Open in..."

3. Tap the Acrobat icon in the upper corner and your completed form will display

In order to protect your personal information, please remember to close your browser once you are done and to protect your personal information when printing or saving a copy.



Getting Started

Getting Started: 

Click the Employee button on the right side of the page to access all your Amherst employment related information.