Student Bills


Log into ACDATA at Student billing information is available in ACDATA to all students and to the family and friends designated in the student's Communications Preferences.



Family and friends cannot view a student's bill until the student gives permission in the student's Communications Preferences.

Getting Started

Getting Started: 

In order to let family and friends view their bills, students must first log into ACDATA and, on the Students menu, click the Communications Preferences link. Students can then indicate which person or persons they wish to be able to view their student bills. Only persons in the student's record will appear on the Communications Preferences screen

Family and friends who have been so designated will, within 48 hours, receive an email from the College telling them about their account and containing a link that let's them set the password in their account.

Family and friends can then log into ACDATA and check the student's account. Family and friends are also able to change their own communications preferences--particularly the email address they would like the College to use to contact them.

The Comptroller's website has more information about accessing student bills.