IT Services


Applicant Information

Applicants for admission to the College can track the progress of their application via ACDATA.

Employee Information

Employees can access their pay advices (pay stubs), W-2 forms, vacation information, and update their personal and emergency contact information via the Employee menu in ACDATA.

Grades and Grading

Students can view their grades—and instructors can enter grades—using the appropriate report links in ACDATA.

Online Registration and Advising

Students use ACDATA to shop for courses, request instructor permissions, and register for classes. Instructors and advisors use the system to grant course permissions and registration approvals.

Student Bills

Student billing information is available in ACDATA to all students and to the family and friends designated in the student's Communications Preferences.

Student Information and Communications Preferences

ACDATA lets students view the information the College has concerning home address, contact information, family members, etc. Also, students can use ACDATA to change their communications preferences--in particular, they can designate who can view their student bills.

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