Departments may request ID cards for non-employees, such as for vendors for door access, for temporary employees for door access or time clocks, or other uses as needed.



Getting Started

Getting Started: 

Complete the IT Checklist for New Employees and Special Non-Employees form as follows:

1. Complete the Name and Address sections with the non-employee's information.

2. In the Person Type section choose Non-employee. From the drop-down list choose the relevant description or Other as applicable.

3. For Position Information enter the non-employee's title such as "Food Service Vendor Delivery Person", start date for when the ID card should be enabled, and your department name as the sponsoring or supervising department.

4. In the Email and Network Access section, fill out the explanation of need. See below for an example of what Dining Services enters for their temporary employees. Modify from this example as necessary to fully describe the situation. If the ID card is being requested for the purpose of door access, make sure to include the building and specific door access needed.
Example explanation of need text: "Datatel/Colleague account with an IDO status is needed to create an account in CSGold to provide this Temporary Agency worker with an ID for use with Time Clock. No other IT services are required. Please send ID card form to (name of person completing the form).

5. Last click Submit to complete the form.

Additional Information

Additional Information: 

The Door Access service description provides detailed information about door access to buildings.