Communication & Collaboration

Google Groups

Google Groups allow a sender to email a large number number of members simultaneously.   Google Groups  have replaced listservs as the recommended method for communicating with large groups of users, especially when the group memberships rarely change. 

Google Workspace

Google Workspace for education provides collaborative online workspaces for all students, faculty, and staff.

Apps currently enabled for the College's instance of Google Workspace include:

Application Function More Info
Gmail Email Training
Google Calendar Calendar/event management Training
Google Drive Cloud storage Training

Google Docs

Word processing Training
Google Slides Presentation/Slide desks Training
Google Sheets Spreadsheets Training
Google Forms Create web forms Training
Google Meet Web-based video conferencing Training
Google Groups Create/manage groups for sharing/collaboration Training
Google Keep note taking/organization Training
Google Tasks To-do list management Training
Jamboard Virtual whiteboard Training

Learn more about the others applications available in Google Workspace and how to use them by visiting the Google Workspace Learning Center

Slack Instant Messaging

Slack is a cloud-based collaboration tool that can be used for instant messaging, file sharing, audio/video calls, and more to keep you connected with your team.

Slack is available as a desktop, mobile, or web-application.

Email and Calendaring

Amherst students and faculty and staff employees receive an Amherst email mailbox when they join the College. Faculty and staff employees who depart college employment lose access to their email mailboxes on their termination date. Students lost access to their college mailbox about six months after they graduate. Emeriti retain access to their Amherst mailboxes. In some cases non-employee members of the college will be provided mailboxes for specific time periods, for example visiting scholars or post baccalaureates with a start and end date of association with the college community can be provided mailboxes.

The College's email service is Gmail and is provided as part of Google G Suite. Gmail provides email, calendar, contacts, etc. Your messages and other data remain in the GMail system until you explicitly delete them.

Gmail is accessible via any web browser (Chrome is preferred) and via apps on iOS and Android devices.


Seeley Mudd 002 Video/Web Conference Room

Room 002 in the Seeley Mudd building, basement level, is an IT Department conference room. It seats 10 people and is available for use for video or web conferences. The Seeley Mudd building and this room are fully accessible via the front or quad-side entrance and with use of the elevator. There are dedicated handicapped parking spaces around the quad and one dedicated handicapped parking space in front of Seeley Mudd.

Cable TV

In response to a student initiative, the college is switching to Comcast’s Xfinity on Campus for its cable TV service starting July 1, 2018. Students will be able to access cable programming in their residences via internet over the devices of their choice and may subscribe to premium channels as they wish.  Common spaces in residence halls will receive programming via Roku or similar devices.

Students may log into Xfinity on Campus with their Amherst credentials to access streaming live and recorded programming. 

Please contact if you have any questions.

Offices, staff or faculty wishing to continue access to cable programming should contact to discuss available options.

*Note: Due to licensing restrictions from Comcast, only students enrolled in classes for the current semester may log into Xfinity.


Voicemail and Integrated Messaging

The College's voicemail system integrates the voicemail on your campus phone with your email. When someone leaves you a voicemail, the system sends you an email with the message attached. You can retrieve messages using either your phone or by accessing your email.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: With the migration to Gmail in February 2019, Amherst College IT no longer provides lists. Contact AskIT about list that have migrated to Google Groups.

Mass email functions are handled in three ways on campus:

  • Google groups (similar to listservs)
  • Yet Another Mail Merge (for email merges up to 100 recipients)
  • Emma (for email merges over 100 recipients or where advanced formatting is required)

 Contact AskIT for more information.

Campus Phones

Amherst College maintains a Siemens PBX telephone system that provides unrestricted access from most academic and administrative offices, and restricted access from most building entrance phones, dormitory hallway phones and outdoor emergency phones.

Telephone types in use include Siemens digital models, various wired analog models, and 900MHz and 5.8GHz cordless models. 2.4GHz cordless telephones are not permitted, because they interfere with collegiate use of wireless data networks on campus.