These are NOT Zoom Phone Resources

If you are using an Amherst College Zoom phone, disregard these resources and instead check here for Zoom Phone user instructions. Check here for more information about the rollout of Zoom Phones at Amherst College. Again, the resources below are for campus phones which are not Zoom Phones.


Amherst College maintains a Siemens PBX telephone system that provides unrestricted access from most academic and administrative offices, and restricted access from most building entrance phones, dormitory hallway phones and outdoor emergency phones.

Telephone types in use include Siemens digital models, various wired analog models, and 900MHz and 5.8GHz cordless models. 2.4GHz cordless telephones are not permitted, because they interfere with collegiate use of wireless data networks on campus.

Getting Started

Getting Started: 

Orders for new equipment and/or services must be placed through the appropriate departmental contact. In most cases, this will be your department's academic or administrative assistant, but in some cases this responsibility is held by the department chair or department head. We can accept orders only from authorized individuals.


Additional Information

Additional Information: 


If there is a proven medical (and HR reviewed and approved) reason for a headset for someone expected to spend a lot of time on the telephone, the cost may be covered by the College. Otherwise, headset purchases must be paid out of departmental funds.