IT Services

Dialing Instructions for Campus Phones

Placing calls on campus:

Dial last four digits to reach any 542 extension.

Dial 9 + number published in telephone or online directory to reach students.

Placing calls off-campus:

Local Call

Dial 9 + 7-digits

Domestic Toll Call

Dial 9 + 1 + area code + 7-digits

International Toll Call:

Dial 9-011 + number


If you cannot complete a toll call by dialing direct on our Qwest network, you may try dialing around to the AT&T network (9 + 1010 + 288 + 1+ area code + 7-digit number), but save this as a last resort as these calls are very expensive! Qwest and AT&T are the only long distance choices available without using a calling card.


Get free directory assistance by dialing (800) 373-3411. Get free directory listings online at,, and As a last resort, dial 9 + 411 for billable directory listings from Verizon National 411.


To access your own voice mailbox: Dial 6245. To send express mail: Dial 6397, enter the mailbox number, press # to skip greeting, begin recording.


For service and support of telephone and voicemail services, telephone equipment and telephone wiring, call the Telecommunications and Networking Group at (413) 542-2410, send e-mail to

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