Google Workspace


Google Workspace for education provides collaborative online workspaces for all students, faculty, and staff.

Apps currently enabled for the College's instance of Google Workspace include:

Application Function More Info
Gmail Email Training
Google Calendar Calendar/event management Training
Google Drive Cloud storage Training

Google Docs

Word processing Training
Google Slides Presentation/Slide desks Training
Google Sheets Spreadsheets Training
Google Forms Create web forms Training
Google Meet Web-based video conferencing Training
Google Groups Create/manage groups for sharing/collaboration Training
Google Keep note taking/organization Training
Google Tasks To-do list management Training
Jamboard Virtual whiteboard Training

Learn more about the others applications available in Google Workspace and how to use them by visiting the Google Workspace Learning Center

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits: 

Unlimited Storage: Google Drive offers unlimited storage for files, folders, backups and everything you consider of importance.

Collaborate: When you share a Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides file, you and your collaborators can view and edit the file simultaneously.

Share files: You can easily share any file on your Google Drive with anyone else who has a Google account.

Live Collaboration: Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Hangouts allow for real-time collaboration on documents or presentations.

Your files available from anywhere: Files you put on your Google Drive are accessible to you from any computer that has a web browser and an internet connection. 

Sync files: If you regularly use two (or more) computers, tablets and/or smart phones, you can install Google Drive software on each and automatically sync your files, thus letting you work on the same files from any of your devices. Note that files in Google Docs format do not sync; rather, your local Google Drive folder contains links to the online location of your Google Docs files.

Large file transfers: Most email systems, including college Gmail, limit the size of attachments, but Google Drive lets you share files of any sizes.

Web Conferencing: Google Hangouts allows for web conferencing to take place with up to 15 participants.



Google Workspace is accessible with any web browser, though some features only work with Google Chrome.

Getting Started


Additional Information

Additional Information: 


File Recovery: Google Workspace doesn't use Amherst College servers, so we have no way to examine the contents of your Google Drive or recover lost or accidentally deleted files. You can use Google Drive software on your Mac and Windows computers, and your Andoid and iOS devices, to automatically sync standard files with your online Google Drive. However, because you can't sync files that are in Google Docs format (see above), these files exist on your Google Drive only. If you want a backup of a Google Docs file, you need to use the Download function to create a copy on your computer.

Data Security: Google Drive is FERPA compliant, and it is approved to store confidential information, including FERPA information. Note that only Google Drive in combination with an Amherst account is approved, not  the consumer version of Google Drive.

File Formats: You can share any type of file on your Google Drive, but can only work collaboratively on files that are created or converted to Google Docs format.

Other Apps: The college instance of Google Workspace includes many apps such as Calendar, Earth, Maps, and Sites. 


A Chromebook is a low-cost, specialized notebook computer that runs Google's ChromeOS, a computer operating system based upon the Chrome browser. Chromebooks are optimized to work with Google Drive. If you have any questions about using a Chromebook with your Google Apps account, please contact the IT Help Desk at AskIT


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