A listserv allows a sender to send email to a list of subscribers. Amherst College uses listserv software developed by L-Soft. The listserv management software provides some additional spam protection for the listservs.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits: 
  • Listservs have their own email addresses in the format LISTSERVNAME-L at
  • Listserv messages can be archived and the archived messages accessed as needed.
  • Options for listserv settings include
    • discussion listserv where subscribers can receive messages from and send messages to the listserv
    • moderated discussion listserv where any messages sent to the listserv must first be reviewed by the moderator then released for sending to the listserv¬†
    • announcement listserv where only specified senders can send messages to the listserv and all the subscribers receive those messages

Getting Started

Getting Started: 

Faculty and staff who want to request a new listserv or make changes to an existing listserv for Amherst College or Five Colleges please fill out the Listserv Request Form.

Amherst College students who want to request a new listserv or make changes to an exisiting listserv for their student organization or club, must first register your student organization. New student organizations must register when starting up and exisitng organizations must re-register at the start of each academic year. Once registered, officers from student organizations may fill out the Listserv Request Form to request a new listserv or make changes to an existing listserv.

If you are a listserv owner, go to the Listserv Manager website to set up your password and manage your listserv including reviewing, adding or deleting subscribers and accessing archived messages. Contact the Amherst IT Help at AskIT or 413-542-2526 with any questions.

Additional Information

Additional Information: 

As with all Amherst IT and network resources, those using listservs must abide by the Amherst College Electronic Resources Acceptable Use Poilcy.