Phone services for students


There are three options for telephone service on the Amherst College campus.

  1. Bring a cell phone from home or obtain one locally upon your arrival.
  2. Order wired residential phone service for your dormitory room from Verizon.
  3. Voice over IP (VoIP--see below).

With the second option, which requires you to supply your own telephone, 2.4GHz cordless telephones are not allowed, as they can cause interference with wireless data networks.

Residential phone service for your dorm room may be ordered from Verizon by calling (800) 837-4966 or by visiting Verizon suggests placing your order approximately two weeks before service is needed. Be advised that installation delays are likely. The College will facilitate Verizon's access to campus telephone wiring after a student has ordered residential phone service from Verizon.

Getting Started

Getting Started: 

Cellular Companies (partial list): Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint Nextel

Dialing Procedures: vary widely depending on what kind of phone you use

Verizon Residential Service: service ordering details and more

VoIP: general information and support policy

Additional Information

Additional Information: 

AT&T and Verizon Wireless have antennae on campus.  Sprint/Nextel and T-Mobile have cell towers in town but off-campus, so their service is weaker and sometimes intermittent.