Telephone Information from the Student Handbook

Cellular Telephones. A majority of Amherst students use cellular telephones, and it is presumed that most of these phones are brought to campus from home. If you do not presently own a cell phone, you may order cellular service from any company that has coverage in the Amherst, Massachusetts area. There are a few things that cellular-only students should know. Cellular service may be purchased from a variety of companies located around the country, some of which may have spotty coverage in the Amherst , Massachusetts area. Some locations within some campus buildings may have a weak signal or no cellular service at all, regardless of the cellular company a student has chosen. Emergency calls from cell phones require an adequate signal, a working battery, and knowing where your phone is located.

Wired Residential Phone Service. So few students (only 1 in 2009-10) lease wired telephone service for their dormitory room that Verizon has stopped offering its once popular Centrex service, which had dedicated customer service representatives, discounted rates, and dial tone that was activated before students arrived on campus. To order residential phone service for your dormitory room, call Verizon at (800) 837-4966 or visit their website at, no sooner than two weeks before service is needed . Verizon will ask you to provide the dormitory name and room number where you will be residing. Please be advised that installation and repair delays are possible . The College will facilitate Verizon's access to campus telephone wiring after a student has ordered residential phone service. You must supply your own analog telephone.

Cordless Telephones. If you subscribe to residential phone service from Verizon and choose a cordless phone, you may use 900MHz and 5.8GHz models; 2.4GHz phones are prohibited because of their potential to disrupt communications between wireless laptops and the College's data network .