Verizon Telephone Service for Students


To order residential phone service for your dorm room, call Verizon at 800-837-4966 (800-Verizon) or visit Verizon suggests service order placement approximately two weeks before service is needed. Be advised that installation delays are possible. The College will facilitate Verizon's access to campus telephone wiring after a student has ordered residential phone service from Verizon. Please use the street address and installation contact information below when placing your order:


Verizon will ask you for the street address of the dormitory building where you will be living.

Building Address Special Notes 
Appleton 19 Quadrangle 1
Chapman 233 So Pleasant St 2
Charles Drew 56 College St 1, 3
Charles Pratt 35 Quadrangle  1, 3 
Cohan 42 College St 1
Coolidge 7 Merrill Science Rd 1
Crossett 21 East Dr 1
Davis 15 Merrill Science Rd 1
Garman 62 Boltwood Ave 1
Hamilton 32 College St 1, 3
Hitchcock 101 So Pleasant St 1, 3
Humphries 62 Snell St 1
James 43 Quadrangle 1, 3
Jenkins 5 East Dr 1
King 12 Merrill Science Dr 1
Leland 37 Spring St 1
Marsh 81 Lessey 2
Mayo-Smith 19 Northampton Rd 1, 3
Moore 85 College St 1
Morris Pratt  11  Noah Webser Cir  1, 3 
Morrow 21 Noah Webster Cir 1, 3
Newport 32 Northampton Rd 1
North 7 Quadrangle 1
Plaza 16 Merrill Science Dr 1
Plimpton 82 Lessey 2
Pond 8 Barrett Hill Rd 1
Porter 46 Boltwood Ave 1, 3
Seelye 129 So Pleasant St 1, 3
Seligman 67 Northampton Rd 4
South 15 Quadrangle 1
Stearns 39 Quadrangle 1, 3
Stone 29 East Dr 1
Taplin 139 College St 1
Tyler 35 Tyler Plc 2
Valentine 59 College St 1
Waldorf 18 Merrill Science Dr 1
Wieland 10 Merrill Science Dr 1
Williston 3 Quadrangle 1


Verizon should ask where and when they can access telephone wiring for your building. Even if they don't ask, please provide the following information:

Amherst College Telecommunications and Networking
Converse Hall Room B-1B
(413) 542-2410
Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm

Special Note 1: If Verizon should ask, telephone lines will be installed in Converse Hall, and access will be provided after their technician signs in at Converse Hall Room B-1B

Special Note 2: If Verizon should ask, telephone lines will be installed in your building, and access will be provided after their technician signs in at Converse Hall Room B-1B

Special Note 3: Students must also call Telecom office at 542-2410. Explanation: In response to the marked decrease in Verizon residential phone subscriptions (45 in 2005-06, 23 in 2006-07, 12 in 2007-08, 5 in 2008-09, 6 in 2009-10 and just 1 in 2010-11 and 2011-12), the College is no longer installing telephone jacks in dormitory rooms. The new IT wiring standard consists of two data jacks per student and one cable TV outlet per room. Only the left data jack (labeled “L”) will be connected to the campus network. The right data jack (labeled “R”) is reserved for future data use, but it can be adapted for telephone if students order residential phone service from Verizon.

Special Note 4: Wired phone service is not available.  There are no phone wires in this building.