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Voice over IP

The College doesn't do anything to prevent VoIP calls on its wired and wireless networks, and occasional testing has shown this type of communication to have acceptable audio quality.

However, at this time, the College doesn't do anything to support VoIP calls on its wired and wireless networks.

While VoIP may be a fine secondary form of communication, it is not recommended as your primary telephone service at the present time. Here are some reasons:

  • Network congestion may adversely affect VoIP
  • Wireless VoIP, if this flavor is chosen, may not have adequate signal coverage when and where it is needed
  • There is limited Information Technology support for personal VoIP communications
  • The state of enhanced 911 with VoIP phones is less than optimal
  • A 911 VoIP call may be answered by a police department in a different part of the country

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