Meet-Me Teleconferencing

Meet-Me teleconferencing provides a toll-free number that you share with your teleconferencing participants. Whoever calls the number is automatically conferenced into the call.

Features and Benefits: 

Inexpensive: Compared to the costs associated with travel, Meet-Me is a bargain at seven cents per minute per participant.

Convenient: You can schedule your conference call in advance by sharing the date and time of the call, the toll-free number, and the participant PIN code with your participants.


To use Meet-Me you need the toll-free number that you send to the participants, a moderator PIN code for yourself, and a participant PIN code to share with the participants.

Charges for conferencing services are billed through the monthly phone bill that your department receives from the College.

Getting Started: 

Contact the College's phone and voicemail support line at x2410 ((413) 542-2410) to arrange a Meet-Me teleconference.