Zoom allows users to connect from Amherst to the outside world via high-quality video with an easy-to-use interface.  Log into Zoom with your Amherst username and password to get started. Once you create your account, you may test zoom and install the required software.

If you have downloaded zoom client software to your computer or mobile device and are trying to manually create a new Zoom session, you will be asked to provide your employer's domain. That is 'amherstcollege' for all college users. As Zoom is integrated in many college tools including Moodle and google calendar, we encourage you to create the Zoom sessions you need from within those tools as it's easier to do so.

Avoid Zoombombing

Keep unwanted guests out of your meetings with these quick profile settings changes:

1. Disable "Join before host"

Disable join before host in Zoom

2. Set screensharing to "Host only":

Set screen sharing to host only in Zoom

 3. Disable "Allow removed participants to rejoin"

Do not allow removed participants to rejoin meeting in Zoom

4. Enable the "waiting room" for vetting known users

Enable the waiting room in Zoom

5.  As a final precaution you may want to allow only authenticated users to enter your meetings.  However,  you would need to make sure all participants have logged into Zoom first.

Allow only authenticated participants join meetings in Zoom

See Zoom's tips for its effective use.

Contact AskIT for assistance with either option.