Logging into the Zoom Desktop or Mobile Application

Within the Zoom desktop and mobile clients, multiple login options are presented which can be confusing. This document will explain how to log into the Zoom client correctly using an Amherst account.

Not being logged into the Zoom application correctly could restrict access to licensed features such as extended meeting lengths, breakout sessions, etc.

Desktop Application

  1. Launch the Zoom client
  2. If an account is already logged in, click the user icon in the top right to find the Sign Out option
  3. Click the Sign In button to access the various login options
    Zoom Log-In Screen with Sign-In button highlighted
  4. Click the SSO login option
  5. Enter the Amherst Zoom domain name "amherstcollege" and click Continue
  6. A web browser will open and ask for your Amherst user name and password
  7. You may receive a prompt asking you for permission to allow the Zoom application to launch. Click Open Zoom or Allow depending on which browser you're using
  8. Zoom will now recognize your Amherst College account log-in. If your account information isn't working, be sure to sign in at https://amherstcollege.zoom.us for the first time, which will create your account.

Mobile Application

  1. Launch the Zoom app
  2. Click Sign In
  3. Select SSO from the sign in options on the bottom of the page
  4. Enter "amherstcollege" as the company domain and click Go
  5. A web browser will launch and bring you to the Amherst Single Sign-On page where users should enter their Amherst account and password.
  6. The browser may ask for permission to open the Zoom app to continue to process. Click Open
  7. Zoom will now authenticate the user and log you into the client