IT Services

Computers & Mobile Devices

Lab Donations

The IT deparment makes older computers available to on-campus research labs and other areas for use by faculty and student workers.

Computers for Faculty and Staff

Faculty with appointments longer than one year, and full- and part-time staff positions whose work require computers, are provided with a new computer every four years. Other faculty and staff may be provided with second-tier computers.

Faculty may choose between Macintosh and Windows, laptops and desktops. Other employees will receive Windows desktop computers by default unless their work requires an alternative. Alternative arrangements will be made in consultation with the employee's supervisor.

Student Computers

IT does not perform hardware repair on student comptuers. However, the Help Desk does provide diagnostic services and software support for students' computers.

Donations to Non-Profit Organizations

Many computers that reach the end of their life cycle at Amherst College can still be useful in other settings, so the IT department in conjunction with Amherst's Center for Community Engagement make older computers available free to non-profit organizations.

Second-Tier Computers

It is IT policy to reimage and put back into service any College-owned replacement cycle computers that are still in good working order and able to run current operating systems.

We make these computers available to short-term (one-year or less) visiting faculty. If possible and if computer stocks allow, we can also make these computers available to administrative and academic departments that request them. Priority of computer assignments will go to visiting faculty first and assignments for other users will not be guaranteed.

Public Internet Kiosks

Amherst College is committed to providing all students, staff, and guests with access to information wherever they are on campus through the use of public Internet kiosks.