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Note:  Some of these tips are for the iPad2 and/or iOS5 and do not work on earlier versions.

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Keyboard shortcuts

Web addresses

If you are typing a web address into Safari the keyboard displays a  .com key. If you want a different web address press and hold the key to display .edu, .net, .org, or .us. Slide your finger to the one you want.


To quickly insert an apostrophe when typing on the main keyboard, press and hold the comma key and slide your finger to the apostrophe. To quickly insert a quote use press and slide on the period key.

While on the main keyboard, to enter a character from the alternate keyboard without opening it, press and hold the ?123 key then slide to the character you want to insert.

Accented characters

Use the press and slide technique to see accented characters available on the keyboard. For example, press and slide the e key and you have a choice of seven accented characters.

Split keyboard

If you want to hold your iPad and type with both thumbs, you can use the split keyboard. When the keyboard slides up to assist you, put a finger on each side and drag them apart. When you want to rejoin the two halves put a finger on each side and pull them together. You can also press and hold the Keyboard icon in the lower right corner. Slide your finger to Split or Join.

When you press and hold the Keyboard icon the other option you will see is Dock/Undock. Undock will move the keyboard vertically on your screen and Dock will put it back at the bottom.


Multitasking gestures

In iOS5 using four or five fingers together on your screen enables multitasking gestures. If these do not work for you, look in Settings>General>Multitasking Gestures and make sure it is ON.

Placing all five fingers on the screen and pinching them together will take you back to the home screen from whichever app you are using. This is in place of pressing the Home button once.

Placing four or five fingers on the screen and swiping up will reveal the Apps panel showing your most recently used apps. This takes the place of pressing the Home button twice.

Placing your fingers on the screen while in an app and swiping left or right will take you, in succession, to each of the apps in your Apps panel. No need to push the Home button to move from one app to another.

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