Verizon iPhone International Travel Tips

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Keep the Verizon Global support number handy. Call it if you need assistance while traveling outside the US:    908-559-4899 

Recommended Settings

Check your iPhone’s Network configuration in Settings > General > Network. 

Make sure your settings are as follows:
Cellular Data - ON   
Roaming >
Voice Roaming - ON; Data Roaming - ON; International CDMA - ON

iPhone settings for international travel

Set your iPhone to automatically update date and time. Go to:
Settings > General > Date & Time. Make sure that Set Automatically is ON.

Set your phone to assist with international dialing. Go to:
Settings > Phone. Make sure that International Assist is ON

Note: If you encounter problems sending SMS/MMS text messages or making calls while traveling abroad, try turning off International Assist and see if that resolves your issue.

International Network Coverage

To determine the network to use, voice and data coverage, and charges associated with voice dialing for the country or countries you plan to visit please consult the Verizon Wireless website: (external link to Verizon Wireless website)

Cost Containment

Phone call charges vary from country to country. Most international providers charge $1-2 dollars per minute. Please limit your International dialing to essential calls. 

The College’s iPhone international data plan is essentially free so, when possible use email instead of calling.  Note: This “free” data plan only applies to iPhones. Third generation iPads with Verizon’s 3G-4G international service are currently charged the hefty fee of $25 per 100 MB of data.  

Text messaging is not free. International SMS and MMS Text messages are charged per message. Costs vary from country to country. Information on particular countries' texting charges and dialing instructions can be found on the Verizon Wireless website in the international text messaging information section.

Battery Charging and Conservation

Remember to fully charge your battery before you travel and consider using turning off all non-essential services to conserve battery life.

Take Plugs and Adaptors

You will need an electrical plug adapter specific for the country or countries you plan to visit.  Take the charging cable and plug that came with your iPhone and plug adaptor for the country you will be visiting. 

International Dialing Instructions

International Country Codes

You will need to know the appropriate country code of the country you wish to dial.  You can look up country codes here.

International Dialing Pattern

Prefix Code | Country Code | Area Code | Number

Example, to place a call to United Kingdom-England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

011 | 44 | 1234 | 567890     press SEND

Note: If you International Assist is ON do not enter the International Prefix Code. If you encounter problems sending SMS/MMS text messages or making calls while traveling abroad, try turning off International Assist and entering the International Prefix Code, that may resolve the issue.

Voice Mail

You can check your voicemail if you are roaming with your Verizon Wireless Global Phone in GSM mode, by dialing your Verizon Wireless phone number in international format (+1 then your 10-digit number). When you hear your greeting start press the # sign and follow the prompts to access your voice mailbox. 

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