Below we provide some useful links for using your Apple iOS devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) on campus and with Amherst College network resources.

We have some tips for using iOS devices:

iOS Devices How to Access Network Resources

Once your device is activated, use the links below to see how to access network resorces.

Mobile Device Policies

Get Help/Support from Apple

For instruction/support of your devices, take advantage of Apple's excellent resources:

  • Apple resources
    • Get hardware support for your personally-owned device or get one-on-one instruction about how to use your device by making an appointment with Apple Support staff at the Apple store in the Holyoke Mall. Select Massachusetts as the state and Holyoke, Holyoke as the store and then click Reserve. Alternately, phone Apple Support at 800-275-2273.

    • Using the same contact information as provided above, sign up for Project Work time at the Apple store to get instruction in a small group context for a specific project such as filming and editing a video, making a slide show, using particular Apps for a project.

      Please note:
      There may be a fee charged for time with the Support staff, depending on how long you've had your device. Make sure to ask about changes and fee structure for the time with the support staff.

    • Use Apple's excellent online support documentation:
      Apple iPhone support documentation
      Apple iPod Touch support documentation
      Apple iPad support documentation