Below we provide some useful links for using mobile devices such as e-readers (e.g. Nook Tablet, Kindle Fire) on campus and with Amherst College network resources.

Mobile Device Instructions

  • If you want to activate your device on-campus, first follow our instructions for network registering the device.
  • Then, get your device onto the Amherst wireless network (a.k.a. WiFi).
  • For an e-reader, you will need access to an account with Amazon (Kindle) or Barnes & Noble (Nook) to use Applications (Apps) and/or obtain certain media such as books, music, video, etc. For other devices, you will need the appropriate account to use that devices App store. This account will have its own user name and password, separate from your Amherst user name and password. Do not make this account password the same as your Amherst password.
  • Follow the device on-screen instructions and/or user manual instructions to complete activation.
  • Use our instructions to access your Amherst email, contacts, and calendars with Kindle, Nook, or Android devices.
  • Tips for using your e-reader

Mobile Device Policies

Mobile Device Support Documentation

For instruction about and user support of your mobile devices, take advantage of the excellent online resources: