Center for Creative Technology (CCT)


CCT Open Computing Lab - Seeley Mudd 1st Floor

The IT Help Desk is located in the CCT in the main area with the computers and printers.

center for creative technology 

The CCT on the 1st floor level of Seeley Mudd includes the following spaces:

CCT Open Computing Lab: 12 Macs, 9 Windows computers; B&W and color printers; 2 flatbed scanners

Multimedia Workstations: the main CCT open lab offers audio, video, photography, scanning, and graphic design tools.

Audio Production Studio - Seeley Mudd 116: two audio isolation booths with digital audio workstations for recording and production. Training required for access.

Video Production Studio - Seeley Mudd 102: production space with dedicated lighting, backdrops, and HD video equipment. Training required for acess.


Academic Term:

Access to the 1st floor of SMUDD where the CCT is located is availabe 24/7 for students, faculty, and staff  (ID card access required 6pm-6am and on weekends). Use of the Audio and Video production studios, as well as assistance from staff for this facility, must be arranged in advance by contacting 

If the college closes for severe weather or other emergency reasons, the CCT may also close.

Getting Started

IT Support Services staff and students maintain the CCT and answer computing questions. The offices of IT Support Services (ITSS) and Academic Technology Services (ATS) are located in the CCT. Any questions about the services offered by the CCT should be addressed to Luis Hernandez, Director of IT Support Services. We welcome your comments.


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