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IT Checklist for New Alums

Dear Seniors/New Alums,

On campus, you've had access to Amherst IT resources (email, software, network storage, etc.). When you leave Amherst and move on to exciting new ventures -- whether starting a career, graduate school, or simply enjoying the land of guilt-free daytime television -- you must prepare to find new email, software and file storage services.

Access to your Amherst student IT account including email, Amherst VPN, U: drive personal network space, and other network storage space ends in November, 6 months after graduation. Forward your email, move your data and find new services before November 2014. It’s much easier to do this while you are still here on campus.

Access to AC Data (unofficial transcript, a record of your grades and classes, and your student account activity including tax forms) ends in May,  one year after graduation. After your access to AC Data ends or if you need an Official Transcript, order it from the the Registrar's Office.

We hope that our advice and links below will help ease your transition from the Fairest College. Good luck with all your future endeavors!

Before you leave campus:
  • Back-up your Userfiles personal network storage (a.k.a. U: drive) and if applicable any of your own other files stored on the Amherst network such as on Storage, web servers or other network storage. Store your files on your computer, cloud storage or an external storage drive as available.
  • Remove the KeyAccess client and any KeyServed programs from your computer, these won't work once you leave campus and you will keep getting error messages.
  • Remove the College-provided ESET antivirus software and obtain your own copy of antivirus/anti-malware software.
  • Get a non-Amherst email account, if you don't have one already.
      • Make sure to have at least one email account with a straightforward user name, based on your own name, not incorporating nicknames or jokes, that you can use for job applications, school applications and business/financial transactions.
        Note: Do not use your Amherst student email account for job, graduate or professional school applications because you will lose access to your Amherst account in November!
      • You might also want to create a second email address to use as a spam target address, use that for online shopping, social media and other situations where it will get spam sent to it. You can use nicknames or jokes for this account name.
  • Print out an unoffical transcript from ACData. Access to AC Data (unofficial transcript, record of your grades and classes, student account activity) ends a full year following your commencement. After that, you will have to request an official transcript from the Registrar.
  • Back-up any email messages or attachments you want to keep. If you have a Gmail account, you can back-up your Amherst email directly to Gmail. Otherwise, save your files on your computer, cloud storage or an external storage drive as available.
  • Delete any Amherst email and attachments that you don't want and make sure to empty your deleted items folder so that unwanted email and files are really gone.
  • Set up email forwarding to your new preferred email address.
  • Set up a change-of-address autoreply message.
  • Set up your alumni email forwarding address.


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