Before you leave the College, back up your work from your U: drive, W: drive, email, and other resources. While you can use Amherst's VPN service to copy your work from off-campus, using VPN is significantly slower than backing up files on campus and you may encounter other issues. It is much easier and safer to back up your data while you are still on campus.

Back-Up Email

Because your Amherst e-mail is deactivated the November after graduation, it is important to back up e-mail messages you may want to retain. Here are several options:

Back Up your Network Storage (U: drive)


Before you leave campus, copy the contents of your U: drive. While the contents of your network storage drives will not be deleted until your IT account is disabled, your network storage will not be easily accessible if you are not on campus. You can copy your files to your own computer, a USB thumb/flash drive, an external hard drive, or use an online storage service (e.g., Box.Net).

If you don't have a computer of your own, you may plug in a USB thumb/flash drive or external hard drive to one of our public computers. You can then copy the data from your personal network share(s) to that.


To access network shares from off-campus, first you need to set up a VPN connection. Once you have a VPN connection, follow the Windows or Mac instructions as applicable to access your userfiles share.

Note: While it is possible to access your network drives while off-campus, data transfer is very slow. For this reason we highly recommend getting all of your data off while on-campus.