Graduating Seniors: Technology after Amherst

Once you graduate from Amherst, you immediately begin to lose access to Amherst College IT services. Thus, you need to have a transition plan in place before you graduate.

(Note: If you are an "E" you lose services on the same schedule as May graduates with the same class year.)

Although you don't lose access to your Amherst email until serveral months after graduation, you should plan your transition to an outside email provider well before that. If you don't have a Gmail or other account by the second semester of your senior year, get one. Also, at some point well before you lose access to email you should stop including your Amherst email address on applications and resumes. You don't want to provide prospective employers an email address that will not work after December.

Also, if you have used your Amherst email to sign up for any online services--from Twitter and Instagram to online banking--you need to change the email address associated with such services. Otherwise, once you lose access to your Amherst email, you will be unable to change your password or perform other account-recovery operations with these services.

One thing you never lose is your Amhert College username and password. You need these in order to be able to access the Alumni website and Alumni Directory, and of course to make online donations to the college!

When Services Go Away

At Commencement | Six Months After Graduation | One Year After Graduation


At Commencement


Amherst College will return your account to Dropbox through a Dropbox process known as "de-provisioning." Your account will become a personal, private account and will be bound by the terms and space limitations as a non-Amherst Dropbox account. You will receive email messages informing you of the change leading up to Commencement. After Commencement, you will receive a message from Dropbox with instructions on how to access the account since it will no longer be bound to your Amherst College credentials.

Amherst Google GSuite (Google Drive, Apps, Calendar) that uses Amherst email address and password to log on

You will lose access to the Google services (a.k.a. GSuite) that you log on to using your Amherst email address and password. Make sure to transfer all content in your Amherst instance of Google Drive, Apps and Calendar to a personal, private Google account.

Network Storage

You lose access to any files stored on Amherst College servers and services, including your personal userfiles (U: Drive), Amherst website, R and Linux servers, and any project and research files on Storage server. Before you graduate you should copy the files you want to keep from their network locations to your computer's hard disk, to an external hard disk or flash drive, or to a cloud service (iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.) that you set up using your personal email account, not your Amherst email account.


The only place you can print on campus after Commencement is on the first floor of Frost Library (not A Level). Visit the library front desk to buy a printing card.


ESET Anti-Virus: If you installed the free ESET Anti-Virus software from the college you must remove it by the end of the calendar month you graduate and obtain a personal copy of antivirus/anti-malware software.

Kurzweil: If you obtained free Kurzweil software through the college's license you lose the right to that software when you cease to be a student. 

MS Office: If you obtained free Office 365 software through the college's license with Microsoft you lose the right to that software when you cease to be a student. You enter a grace period where your software will continue to work for an indeterminate amount of time. At some point you will be unable to use the software unless you pay for a personal Office 365 subscription.

Student Software Discounts: When you cease to be a student you cease to be eligible for student discounts. Consider buying while you still can:


If you require a VPN service for any reason after graduation, you should consider purchasing a subscription from services such as ExpressVPN, 12VPN, or VPN.AC, among others,.


Six Months After Graduation (early December)


Email access ends in early December: the Alumni office will send you a warning before this happens. Once email access ends, any messages sent to your Amherst email address will bounce to the sender. Forwarding and auto-reply will no longer work.

If you don't already do so, at some point between the end of classes and December you should set up forwarding from your Amherst email address to your personal email address. The sooner you do this and stop using your Amherst email address, the better. You should also put an auto-reply message on your Amherst email that informs senders about your new email address. 

Once you've set up forwarding--preferably before you leave campus--you should back up you Amherst emailbox.

How to:


One Year After Graduation 


Because ACDATA ( holds tax information you may need the year following graduation, you retain access to it for exactly one year after graduation. Before you lose access, be sure to do the following:

  • Download any information you need to complete your tax return.
  • Get a copy of your unofficial transcript
Once you can no longer access ACDATA, you need to request official transcripts from the Registrar’s Office.