If you know your Amherst username and password, log in and then create a ticket in the Amherst IT Help Desk Ticket System.

Using the Ticket System, you can review any of your current (Open) and past (Closed) tickets, including those that have been resolved (Closed). From the Ticket System left menu click Open tickets or Closed tickets to access your own ticket information.

If you don't know your Amherst log on information or don't have it, please submit a help request form.

To request help with Moodle, please submit the Moodle help request form.

Report problems using streaming video over the Amherst network with the
Problems with Streaming Video form

To network register a device without a web browser, such as game consoles, TiVos and other DVRs, Wi-Fi phones, etc. use the
Network Registration System for Devices without Web Browsers