IT Services

List of Circulating Audio-Visual Equipment


  • MiniDV digital video cameras
  • HDV video cameras (Canon HV-40, HV-20)
  • Tripods, light kits for video production
  • External Firewire and USB hard-drives (for video capture)
  • DVD players, VCRs
  • LCD multimedia projectors for use in secure locations for academic-related events. (Sorry, no LCDs for dorms!)
  • Projection screens


  • Marantz Audio (MP3) recorders
  • Zoom H4n recorders
  • iPod with microphone for interviews/podcasts
  • Hand-held audio cassette recorders
  • Assorted microphones for production, public address, and acapella
  • 'Portable' P/A systems for speech or iPod amplification (We do not provide P/A equipment or amps for rock/jazz bands.)
  • Digital still cameras (point and shoot)
  • Digital SLR cameras (for academic use only, with approval)
  • PRS clickers
  • GPS devices
  • 35mm slide projectors, overhead transparency projectors, document cameras
  • All kinds of cables, connectors, and adapters

Blank Media: We also sell DVD-R's, CD-R's, MiniDV tapes, and audio tapes. Amherst students may charge to their student account, otherwise personal check only. No cash transactions.