Equipment Use by Student Organizations

Multimedia Services provides equipment use for student organizations in a limited way. For student organizations who want to show a film, the first thing to do is to reserve a classroom with the Room Reservations in Public Affairs: x8269 during the hours of Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Plan ahead!

After you receive a room reservation confirmation, contact Multimedia Services through and arrange for a short 5 minute training session on using the equipment in the classroom.

Once trained, you can pick up a key to the video cabinet in the classroom you have reserved from Seeley Mudd 110 Mon- Fri between 8:30 and 4:30pm. For subsequent screenings, you still have to contact us in advance to arrange to pick up the key.

Please note: if you have not paid the film distributor for public performance rights, it is a violation of copyright law to advertise your film screening in any way other than word-of-mouth within your club.

Important notes:

  • Multimedia Services (MMS) cannot reserve a room for you. You must have a room reservation first, then request equipment.
  • Get a room reservation confirmation first before calling to reserve equipment. Just because you asked for a specific room, doesn't mean you have it reserved.
  • Never assume the audiovisual equipment cabinet or booth in a room will be unlocked, it is best to check with MMS to make sure you have an AV key if you need one.
  • You cannot wait until Friday or Saturday night to arrange for a key or access to equipment as there will be no one to help you and you may be left without access.
  • Campus Police cannot open audiovisual cabinets or booths.
  • You must complete audiovisual equipment training with a MMS staff member in order to get an AV key and have access to equipment.